Our mission

TEDxAmsterdamEducation is the ultimate platform for spreading new ideas and visions about education and learning. We act as a catalyst, incubator, trendsetter and source of inspiration for the future of education.

Besides the traditional field of education (primary and secondary schools, vocational and higher education), TEDxAmsterdamED focuses on all stakeholders (companies, governments, NGO’s, cultural institutions and the students) who offer new possibilities for connecting education and lifelong learning with our society.

Our long-term wish is to play a key role in giving visibility to all the small and impactful changes that are happening in the Netherlands (and abroad) already. Every day, everywhere. We aim to inspire the established education systems to function in such a way that students, young and old, are motivated to learn and bring out the best in themselves.

Our stage has become the perfect spot for sharing ideas, inspiring each other, and mobilizing all stakeholders in education.

The TED brand encourages all eccentric and brilliant people that really dare to see and act upon what is necessary to develop change. We bring together a diverse group of people who have a passion for the exploration of new possibilities for educating, learning and developing.

We link our valuable community to great ideas.