School Events 2017

Want to inspire for change and innovation in your own learning organization? Organize an event inspired by the TEDx format at your own school/ university.

During the central event on May 31st we will focus on inspiring for innovation in our school system on a national level. We do stronlgy believe though that change happens as much on a local level. You (the teachers, students, principals etc.) are the ones educating on a daily basis. So YOU know all the best answers to these questions. What innovations did we implement that we are proud of? How can we still innovate in our own school/ university to optimize the learning experience? What would our students like to change? What can we learn from people outside the education industry?

To answer these questions and just have fun while talking education, we invite you to organize your own education innovation event based on the world famous TEDx. Your own event will (or can) be parallel to the central event in Amsterdam. We call it School Events! Students and teachers can invite their own students, teachers and local heroes from outside education to ignite a conversation about innovation in education and how best to move forward together.

Together with the Ministry for Education and the Onderwijs Corporatie we aim to inspire 25 schools this year to host their own event. Do you want to participate?

We developed a practical toolkit for you to make it easy. Download it and find out how you can set up your own event in just a couple of steps.

School Event Toolkit PO/VO or

School Event Toolkit MBO/HBO/WO

Don't forget to send an email to for any questions and letting us know you’re interested. We will be in touch!