School Events

Organize your own TEDx like School Event and inspire for change and innovation in your own school/ university!

We do stronlgy believe that real change happens in the schools and universities themselves by sharing ideas and talking to each other. You (the teachers, students, principals etc.) are the ones educating on a daily basis. This year we created a new concept: we call it School Events! This year we aim to inspire 25 schools this year to host their own event. We invite you to have fun while talking education and organize your own education innovation event based on the world famous TEDx. You will organize it, we will guide you!

Your own event will (or can) be parallel to the central event in Amsterdam. Students and teachers can invite their own speakers. For example students, teachers and local heroes from outside education to ignite a conversation about innovation in education. They give inspiring talks and at of the day you talk about how best to move forward together. Speakers can talk about anything relevant to your organization, for example:

  • New ways of learning

  • Things your school can learn from entrepreneurship/ entertainment/ technology/ science

  • The students perspective on how they like to learn things

  • Or just any hot topic in your school to increase having fun while learning and deliver quality education

Download our toolkit to see step by step what need to organize a School Event. It includes a full program which you can use as an example.

Don't forget to send an email to (school events coordinator) or (managing director) for any questions and letting us know you’re interested. We will be in touch!