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Workshop - Solving the big challenges in education

By Maylis Buonomo - Apr 28th, 2016

What could be more exciting than brainstorming solutions to the hottest education challenges in the Netherlands on board a boat, cruising the Amsterdam canals in the beautiful sunshine?

Workshop - The learning Kitchen

By Coraline Reeder - Apr 25th, 2016

This workshop hosted by Maaike van der Velden and Joep de Jong explored the participants' own experiences with learning and asked them to share these to come to great recipes for Lifelong Learning.

Workshop - 365 days successful

By Coraline Reeder - Apr 24th, 2016

The illness and subsequent passing of his friend Jip encouraged Arjan to completely turn his life around. Together with David de Kock he founded 365dagensuccesvol.nl, an initiative aimed at making the Netherlands the happiest place in the world by 2020. In his workshop, Arjan shows the participants which steps they can take to discover and reach their goals.

Interview with Arjan Vergeer - Redefining what success means to you

By Alvaro de Salvo - Apr 19th, 2016

As an author and co-founder at 365DagenSuccesvol.nl in Amsterdam, Arjan Vergeer was once upon a time a very ‘successful’ man. His apparent happiness and the early departure of a good friend triggered in him a wake up call: how to make the most out of his life and help others find their voice along the way? Together with David de Kock, they have the mission to make the Netherlands the happiest country in the world by 2020. Arjan will be leading a workshop on April 20th, so we asked him a few questions to get to know him better.

Interview with Christine Wank - The 3 C's for true innovation

By Madeline Hendricks - Apr 18th, 2016

Based in Berlin, Christine Wank is a leader who trains leaders. A visiting university lecturer, she provides tools that spark transformation and innovation and that enable individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. She has a broad experience in leadership training, capacity building, and global governance, across a variety of contexts. Christine's TEDxAmsterdamED Talk, entitled The three C's for transformation: How to use your Self as the tool for real innovation, will serve to inspire and encourage change on many levels.

The Startup Weekend Education

By Maylis Buonomo - Apr 18th, 2016

When I first arrived at the Startup Weekend Education Amsterdam, I thought I would be there as an observer. In reality, it was much more than this!

TEDxAmsterdamED on the Amsterdam Mamas Podcast

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Apr 15th, 2016

TEDxAmsterdamED has made a notable appearance on the Amsterdam Mamas education-focused podcast series with the founder and curator, Jessika Lynch, as well as 2015 speaker, Dylan Hyman, appearing on the freshly-released episode #13.

Interview with Roshan Paul - How Do You Learn How to Change the World

By Madeline Hendricks - Apr 12th, 2016

Indian by birth but global citizen in deed, Roshan Paul is a man who escapes definition. In both his personal and professional life he is always looking for innovation. His endeavours range from his social entrepreneurship to his unquestionable academic achievements, and to his identity as a cricket journalist-cum-storyteller-cum-novelist who has worked or studied on every inhabited continent.
An engaging speaker, Paul comes to TEDxAmsterdamED as co-founder of the Amani Institute, where he has set aside barriers to generate an educational model fit for the dynamic needs of the twenty-first century.

TEDxAmsED 2016 Act: Iris Penning

By Coraline Reeder - Apr 11th, 2016

Iris Penning is a young Dutch singer and songwriter. She was a finalist of the music contest De Grote Prijs van Nederland, performed in the music temple Paradiso Amsterdam and participated in the travelling music festival De Popronde. She has also recently shared the stage with renowned Dutch musician Spinvis.