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Yolanda Eijgenstein: Small steps towards big dreams

By Mariette Reineke - Mar 2nd, 2016

Mariette Reineke, PR manager for TEDxAmsterdamED 2016, recently spoke to Yolanda Eijgenstein. Yolanda has recently joined the board of TEDxAmsterdamED and this year's event will be her first.

Mariette set out to find out what motivated Yolanda to become a board member, what her view is on Life Long Learning based on her own experience in the corporate world and her ideas about the future of TEDxAmsterdamEducation.

TEDxAmsterdamED Side Events

By Coraline Reeder - Mar 2nd, 2016

In alliance with the Ministry for Education, various schools and teachers organisations, TEDxAmsterdamED would like to invite you to join our Event on the 20th of April!

TEDxAmsterdamED Award: Do you have a great idea? Then apply now!

By Robin Roosenstein - Feb 21st, 2016

We proudly introduce the first annual TEDxAmsterdamED Award! For this year's award we are looking for ideas that connect to the 2016 theme of the event - #BornToLearn.
This could be an opportunity for initiatives, changemakers or organisations that are breaking ground in education and/or lifelong learning and wish to share their innovative solutions with the world.

TEDxAmsED 2016 Act: Dansmakers Amsterdam & Bitter Sweet Dance

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Feb 18th, 2016

Choreographer Liat Waysbort, along with dancers Ivan Ugrin, Angela Linssen and Amy Gale, will present a short fragment of their production Please me Please - a performance that examines the impact of our desire to please and the consequences this may have.

Newsletter TEDxAmsterdamED 2016: Born To Learn

By Robin Roosenstein - Feb 16th, 2016

Do you want to know what we're up to? We have just send out our first newsletter! Check it out for the latest news and our team's favourite TED talk.

TEDxAmsterdamED forms Brain Trust 2016

By Linda Stolp - Feb 5th, 2016

In preparation for this year’s TEDxAmsterdamED Event, we have formed the TEDxAmsterdamEducation Brain Trust 2016 composed of six movers and shakers with their hearts, heads and hands steeped in education. People who want to learn every day and are willing to help us expand our outreach into various vital areas such as business/trade, government, NGO's and cultural institutions.

TEDxAmsterdamED 2016: Born To Learn

By Robin Roosenstein - Feb 2nd, 2016

The fourth edition of TEDxAmsterdamED, with the theme ‘Born To Learn’, will be held on April 20th 2016 in Theater Amsterdam.

How can we get schools from good to great?

By Jutka Colson - Apr 16th, 2015

A school is as good as its teachers! This short sentence tells us in a nutshell what Stichting leerKRACHT and its founder, Jaap Versfelt, stand for. With passion, Jaap tells us his story on the TEDxAmsterdamED stage. But there is also a very solid, inspiring program behind this passion. From jointly designing lessons and celebrating successes, to inspiring teachers to take their new learned skills to the classroom and to pass them on to the most important participants in education, the students.