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Interview with Jurriën Mentink - Learning from the unexpected

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Apr 6th, 2016

As an Urban Design student in Deventer, Jurriën Mentink might seem like a ‘regular’ student at first glance. But the place he has been living at since he began his studies, the Humanitas Retirement Home, provides him yet another type of education – an intergenerational learning experience that has lead to meaningful friendships between young students and elderly retirees, with great learning benefits for both. He is honoured and excited to share his personal learning story on April 20th, so we asked him a few questions to get to know him better.

TEDxAmsterdamED Award 2017

By Alvaro de Salvo - Apr 6th, 2016

The quest for ideas with impact on education continues!
After a successful first edition with over 100 entries, the TEDxAmsterdamED Award is back!

TEDxAmsED 2016 Act: Noa Wildschut

By Coraline Reeder - Apr 6th, 2016

Noa Wildschut is only 15 years old, but has already gained her place in the Dutch classical music scene. Having started as a four year old with docent Coosje Wijzenbeek, Noa is now a student of Professor Vera Beths at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Interview with Gilbert Legrand - What I want to share is happiness

By Maylis Buonomo - Mar 29th, 2016

French artist Gilbert Legrand modifies everyday objects to give them life and turn them into characters. Inspired by Magritte and Dali, he has long been a freelance illustrator for publishing and advertising. In 2010, he decided to create stories with his characters. So far, he has published three children’s books: Le Grand Show des Petites Choses (The big show of the little things), Les petites choses à New York (The little things in New York) and Animaux surprises (Surprising Animals).
After having been part of a project with schools last year to discuss his stories with children and share what he likes to call ‘his taste for beautiful things’, he collaborated with TEDxAmsterdamED and created this year’s visual: a funnel, whose head is ready to welcome any learning material. We discussed his creations, his vision of art and the link he sees between art and education.

Interview with Karolina Stawinska - Helping children fulfil their dreams

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Mar 22nd, 2016

Inspiring the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow has been a major theme in Karolina Stawinska’s work to date. For one of her most recent projects - Our Future World – she focuses on inspiring children to dream big and empowering them to create their own future. We spoke to Karolina to find out what she hopes to achieve through her Talk at the 2016 edition of TEDxAmsterdamED.

Interview with Chris Sigaloff - Crowdsourcing education: creating room for the unusual suspects

By Coraline Reeder - Mar 22nd, 2016

Chris Sigaloff is director at Kennisland, a think tank geared towards promoting social innovation. Besides exploring new themes, developing new methods and interventions, she advises governments and organisations on matters concerning innovation strategies, social innovation and policymaking. She also gives presentations on these subjects in the Netherlands and abroad. Aside from her activities at Kennisland, she is a board member of the Kafka Brigade and the Kriterion Foundation as well as a member of the international network SIX (Social Innovation Exchange). Chris is one of the speakers on the 20th of April so we asked her a few questions.

Five Reasons to Be a Lifelong Learner

By Don McMinn - Mar 15th, 2016

This is the first of our three-part series on making lifelong learning a beneficial and invigorating part of your everyday life.

Interview with Lainie Liberti and Miro Siegel – The world is our classroom

By Maylis Buonomo - Mar 15th, 2016

When they started what was supposed to be a one-year mother-and-son trip in 2009, Lainie and Miro never expected to create a community sharing experiences about ‘world schooling’ and certainly no intention of leaving their ‘normal lives’ for so long. Seven years later and still traveling, they describe themselves as ‘unschoolers’ - natural lifelong learners - and like to see the world as their classroom. We discussed their learning processes, their expectations for the day of the talk and the message they would like to share about education.