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Get to know some of our speakers - part 4

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 11th, 2015

In our last newsletter we introduced you to speakers Yong Zhao, Ingrid van Rossum, Yoram Mosenzon and Jaap Versfelt. We'd like to introduce you to Sandra van Aalderen and our host Drew Wackerling below; to read about the others, visit our program page

Meet our team

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 11th, 2015

We recently asked some of our team members 'If you could give a TEDx talk, what would it be about?' Read here what team members Mira Gleisberg & Barbara Capel answered to that question...


How to create a movement during and after TEDxAmsterdamED

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 9th, 2015

“What can I do today to expand my idea tomorrow?” This was the theme of the day on March the 6th with four inspiring workshops, passionate speakers, delicious food and a hell of a lot of ideas. All in all, bootcamp number two went down a treat.

Preparing the Speakers Video

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 9th, 2015

Speaking for the TEDxAmsterdamED event 2015 is not just about showing up on the day itself and presenting your idea. It is so much more, just as TEDxAmsterdamED is so much more than just an event about education. It is an adventure… that starts with having an idea, an idea worth spreading, sending this idea in and then being invited to the speaker’s pitch. There you present yourself and your idea, being coached and supported by an inspiring team of people who know that your idea needs to be heard. Curious about what preparations are needed before the speakers are ready to present their idea for the TEDxAmsterdamED event on 26th of March? Check out this wonderful video!

The Secret to Giving a Great Talk

By Jessika Lynch - Feb 17th, 2015

What are the elements that make an incredible TEDtalk – or any inspiring speech or talk, for that matter?

As another edition of TEDxAmsterdamED looms on the horizon, we asked Joni Bais, director and co-founder of Great Communicators, and Jessika Lynch, curator and co-founder of TEDxAmsterdamED, to share what makes a great TED talk. Between the two of them, Bais and Lynch have selected and/or coached dozens of successful TEDx speakers, presented workshops, written content for, and worked with many other speakers to create, shape, and present their talks on various stages and events.  

The two recently met for coffee to answer the question: how do you put together a great TED talk?