Urland, often styled URLAND, is a metamodernistic, performance collective based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was founded in 2010 at the theatre academy of Maastricht.

URLAND has created physical and visual performances including De Gabber Opera (2010), De Oktobertragödie (2011), and Kwartet, een Powerballad (2013). They have performed in the Netherlands and abroad, in theatres and clubs like Lowlands. The group, currently all in their twenties, bases its performances on techno music and death metal themes, as well as by epic stories and world literature.

Since 2013 the group is connected to the Productiehuis Rotterdam for a perennial plan[clarification needed] and is part of Theater Rotterdam where they created De Internet Trilogie, a series which questions the rise, expansion and limitless promise of the internet, with a comparison to the Prometheia of Aeschylus.

2017: From an Outside Perspective