2015 Trailer!

By Mira Gleisberg - Jan 19th, 2015

Education (r)evolution

Change is in the air: are we nearing the tipping point or just nearly at the tip of the iceberg? Is revolution needed for Education to evolve, or is the future of Education already within reach? From the tiny shifts that make a huge difference to the ground-breaking movements shaking the system, TEDxAmsterdamED 2015 explores the Education (r)evolution and the balancing act between continuity and change.

We made a Funk-e little video to introduce our theme.

TEDxAmsterdamED does not have the answer… However we DO provide a platform for all bright and new ideas that our community has to share. In March 2015, we will spend a whole day on this! The location of our next event is soon to be announced…Meanwhile, we can inform you that we will have a Speaker Pitch in the beginning of next year! Of course we will inform you in the newsletter. Also – keep an eye on Facebookand Twitter!

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