Get to know some of our speakers - part 2

By Mira Gleisberg - Feb 16th, 2015

Recently we introduced you to our speakers GrahamDeborah and JelleWe're thrilled to introduce you to three more below:

Fifteen-year-old student Lisanne Vriens dreams of changing the education system. In order to stimulate children to think differently, she argues that schools should adjust to the individual instead of moulding students to fit the system. Rather than encouraging students to adapt to society's ideas of success, education should promote students' personal definitions of success - however big or small.


Jan de Lange is an emeritus professor of mathematics who focused on curriculum design and high-stakes assessment throughout his career. Research has shown that it is necessary to facilitate the development of children's minds toward logical reasoning, creative problem solving and out-of-the box thinking. He believes that stimulated play gives parents and educators the opportunity to play a vital role in this process.


Google can't help a child decide what search results are relevant or from a reliable source - but that doesn't mean we should filter those results. Hanna Jochmann-Mannak believes that we should provide children with relevant, reliable sources and comprehensible, age-specific content. Hanna works at WizeNoze, an IT startup with a mission to make the online world more suited for children.

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