Get to know some of our speakers - part 3

By Mira Gleisberg - Feb 27th, 2015

Last week we introduced you to speakers Lisanne, Hanna and Jan. We're delighted to introduce you to four more below...

Dr Yong Zhao’s work focuses on the implications that globalization and technology have on education. He is convinced that teachers need to focus on developing children's strengths instead of trying to fix their deficiencies. The globalized world demands a new education paradigm – more relevant, highly individualised learning with emphasis on the child’s passion and natural skills. Our current standardised education systems suppress children’s talents to produce employable competencies. But do we still need the same skillsets in today’s global economy?


How is it possible to resolve conflicts between arguing parties on a personal, organisational or international level? Creating dialogue where it never seemed possible? As a nonviolent-communication trainer, Yoram Mosenzon aims to connect people to form true collaborations. To do this, he believes that people must first understand the difference between two kinds of honesty: one which tends to create distance, conflict and misunderstanding, and the other which creates connection and genuine compassion.

Ingrid van Rossum believes that students need 21st-century skills to create real impact in these complex times. These are not skills learned sitting behind a desk – they are learned through practicing professional competencies in a real setting. For this reason, Ingrid founded the Team Academy to empower young people to develop their ideas and become entrepreneurial spirits. Students thrive when they can define their own approach to learning, gain confidence in taking risks and work out how to do business by doing business. 

According to Jaap Versfelt, the state-run Dutch education system needs a major remake: teachers must get more involved in the process of change so that innovation can occur. Which is why Jaap created Stichting leerKRACHT, an initiative that aims to transform the outdated Dutch education system. Having consulted with 200 schools and 150,000 students, Jaap aims to widen the horizons of millions of pupils within the next five years. His ultimate goal is to give the new generation the education they need and genuinely deserve.


Written by: Mirjam Van Den Berg and Jennifer Drouin

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