Get to know some of our speakers - part 4

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 11th, 2015

In our last newsletter we introduced you to speakers Yong Zhao, Ingrid van Rossum, Yoram Mosenzon and Jaap Versfelt. We'd like to introduce you to Sandra van Aalderen and our host Drew Wackerling below; to read about the others, visit our program page

We all know that we don’t remember everything that is said in class. We also know that just sitting in a class, listening to a teacher, doesn’t always activate curiosity or stimulate higher-order thinking. The more actively we learn, the more we remember!
Cognitive neuroscientist Sandra van Aalderen believes that by gaining a greater understanding of how the brain works, teachers can help students learn more actively and retain more of what they learn. And since education is about stimulating the brain, Sandra is convinced that helping teachers to be more aware of brain science will improve education as we know it.


Is education on the verge of significant change? Drew Wackerling feels that there's a movement underway, and he's ready to jump right in the middle of it and discover the leaders who are making it happen. Drew is a host, presenter, and teacher of the unusual right-left brained combination of mathematics and drama. After hosting TEDx in 2013, Drew returns to the TEDxAmsterdamED stage this year to present the day's program of TEDtalks, entertainment acts, and special surprises.  


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