Get to know some of our speakers

By Mira Gleisberg - Feb 5th, 2015

We are thrilled to introduce you to three more of our speakers - all renowned thinkers and innovators with a passion for nurturing learners of the future.

Graham Brown-Martin founded Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) in 2004, a global think tank aimed at sharing thought-provoking ideas about the future of learning, which he left in 2013 to focus on other education-related projects. Graham is a great believer in the idea that in order for education to change we need to get more people involved. His talk has the same title as his recent book, Learning (Re)Imagined


Deborah Carter created an after-school academy aimed at making children fall in love with technology and computer science. NewTechKids focuses on teaching technology and scientific concepts and then letting kids discover, design and experiment around them. Her aim is to expose all children to the world of technology, thus it's appropriate that the title of her talk is Watch out, Silicon Valley. We’re coming for you!


Blog written by: Dorine Slot & Coraline Reeder

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