Letter from the Founder

By Jessika Lynch - Dec 12th, 2016

Dear TEDxAmsterdamED community,

Five years ago we launched this platform with a single idea: What if we could create an event to open up education to the outside world and provide inspiration to the inside? TED, as it turned out, was branching further into their TED-Ed platform and happy to give us a voice and a license. Through that one idea we launched TEDxAmsterdamED and have since brought more than sixty ideas from both inside and outside our community to our stage and to TEDx online.

As co-founder of what has become this vibrant and engaged community, I’ve seen us grow in ways that I couldn’t have imagined at the start. We have had incredible people hop on board over the years and this list continues to grow. On- and off-stage, TEDxAmsterdamED has always been about the people, and in this newsletter we’ll be introducing you to a few of these who are shaping our 2017.

On a personal note, I’ve felt incredibly excited and inspired by what I’ve learned in the TEDx curation process about lifelong learning over the years. I’ve decided to run with this inspiration and focus the next phase of my own career with a mission that hits right at the intersection between work and learning/education. In the coming months I’ll be launching further at jessikalynch.com where I’ll spend a lot of my energy. With that, I’ll be moving to a strategic position on our board of directors and passing the operations and curation torch over to our managing director, Linda Stolp and several new leaders.

Thanks to all of our community members for being with us on this journey. I’m looking forward to supporting Linda and the team as they increase the impact and reach of TEDxAmsterdamED even more for this next event and beyond!

Warmest regards,


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