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By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 11th, 2015

We recently asked some of our team members 'If you could give a TEDx talk, what would it be about?' Read here what team members Mira Gleisberg & Barbara Capel answered to that question...


TEDx Marketing Director Mira Gleisberg

"I would talk about the impact of exercise on the brain, and specifically how important it is to combine aerobic training with complex training.
Aerobic training, like running, has a very good effect on the brain – it helps you to 'prepare' your brain to learn better. And when you do complex movements, such as acrobatics, you actually use and challenge the brain and thus increase brain capacity.
In other words: a combination of aerobic training and complex training is the best medicine to improve your mental and emotional state!"

Mira is a health entrepreneur, strategy consultant and a professional acrobat and ex-gymnast. She has a drive to motivate people to live a more active, less stressful life and is passionate about how technology, behavioral change and games can improve health and health care.


TEDx Project & Administrative Director Barbara Capel

"If I were to give a talk I would speak about the connection between learning and museums. I've self-published two children's picture books based on paintings, which show that you can create your own stories about what you see in artworks and at the same time teach readers about art history. I think that this mix of knowledge and developing skills such as creativity and thinking are valuable lessons that can be learned in an informal museum environment."

Barbara works as a freelance project manager and editor in educational publishing. At TEDx she keeps an eye on planning, money, contracts, and is also responsible for guest relations: making sure we have a diverse and enthusiastic audience at the event!


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