Meet the team - 2

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 21st, 2015

We recently asked some of our team members 'If you could give a TEDx talk, what would it be about?' Read here what team members Jessika Lynch & Linda Stolp answered to that question...

TEDx Curator and Executive Producer  Jessika Lynch

"In the process of creating TEDx events, my brain often mulls over and composes various TED talks I’ve thought were worth giving! On the heels of our final speaker-prep week, the one I keep returning to is called something like Great stories are hiding out. The basic premise is simple: whether individuals, companies, families… we often have one way of telling our stories that don’t always connect consciously with what we’d like them to do. Our past stories are related to our future visions; when we connect these, we not only connect better with others, but often we can communicate in a powerful way with great impact."

Jessika founded TEDxAmsterdamED in 2011. She curates the program and works with speakers to fine-tune their talks. She holds the event license from TED and has participated in global TEDx training. In her life outside of TEDx, she works as a freelance speech and copywriter, curates content for companies and events and is a mother to two little boys who sparked her commitment to improving education. Read more of her tips on the Secret to Giving a Great Talk.


TEDx Managing Director Linda Stolp

"My talk would be about the personal impact of travel. I believe that travelling enlightens us and broadens our horizons, giving us more perspective on our lives and the world at large. Meeting new people, exploring new places, eating different foods, exchanging knowledge and experiences with other people gives travellers a boost of energy and helps guide us on life's path."

As well as being responsible for TEDxAmsterdamED, Linda helps organizations with organizing, curating and coordinating events and projects. She has worked for projects such as TEDxAmsterdam (program team), Duurzame Jonge 100 (PR and event coordinator), School of Mavericks (head of events) and Emerce (program manager). You can find more information about her through her website:


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