Meet the team - 3

By Mira Gleisberg - Mar 25th, 2015

We recently asked some of our team members 'If you could give a TEDx talk, what would it be about?' Read here what team members Halima Neffakh & Freek Nijenhuis answered to that question...

TEDx Marketing Project Manager Halima Neffakh

"My TEDx talk would be about the importance of teaching our children the power of self love and building their self esteem. We often ask kids to be social, friendly and collaborative, but very few cultures commit to explaining that self love and confidence are the key to a healthy social life, built on acceptance for our uniqueness and respect for our differences. If i had the power to change one thing, I would make it a requirement for each newborn to receive their birth certificate accompanied by a document stating how special they are and that the key to building a safe and loving and caring life is to treat ourselves how we want others to treat us."

Halima is a young professional with a passion for traveling to new places, meeting new people and conducting new projects.


TEDx Partnership Manager Freek Nijenhuis

"As a social innovation consultant one of my main focuses is on providing primary school children with food education. This is what my talk would be about. Childhood obesity is a growing problem - the majority of kids in the Netherlands eat a lot of processed food and lack a healthy daily intake of fruits and vegetables, which also affects their cognitive development. Millions are spent on countering excess weight but I am convinced that teaching children how easy and fun it is to cook and work with ingredients and recipes will restore their relationship with real and healthy food, make healthier individuals and give them a passion for cooking that will last a lifetime."

When he's not working for TEDxAmsterdamED, Freek runs a consultancy agency for social innovation that focuses on youth unemployment, safety and food and sustainability issues.


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