Schools are a place where real change happens

Educational innovation is happening right now. Our educational system is in many ways outdated and oppressive. There is a need for Educational Innovation that suits better to the basic qualities of the Netherlands.

TEDxAmsterdam supports that innovation and aims to accelerate and give an extra push to it. The change is happening right now, in a moderate pace.

As a school, teacher, student or principal, you can make a greater difference than you think. Schools are the place where real change happens. Therefore we would like to invite you to get your school involved in the innovation of our educational system.

Start a conversation within your own school with a group of gripped peers or colleagues, parents, etc. That is where it all starts. See what you can do within your own school to renew old habits and traditions for the better. Think of:

• New ways of learning

• Things your school can learn from entrepreneurship/ entertainment/ technology/ science

• The students perspective on how they like to learn things

• Or just any hot topic in your school to increase having fun while learning and deliver quality education

Want to go the extra mile? Start a TED-Ed Club for your own school. Create a stage for your students, teachers, parents, outside professionals to share their ideas about education in the same way as we do with our yearly event. Visit: for more information.

We would be glad to help and support you and your initiative. Don't forget to send an email to (managing director) for any questions and let us know you’re interested. We will be in touch!