Speaker Pitch - 14 year old Kayo Korabiowski

By Mira Gleisberg - Jan 11th, 2015

Kayo Korabiowski - (I'm Not) Another Brick In The Wall.

Kayo, a 14 year old student, pitches that education should prepare kids to solve today’s global problems: war, poverty and environmental issues. But how can our current educational system prepare students when it is essentially based on 18th century society?

Kayo advocates that the school system should change as much as society has changed since the Industrial Revolution. Education needs to enforce creativity in their students and educate them in subjects as such as philosophy, ethics, critical thinking and environmental issues. The world is in desperate need of creative solutions. Let’s educate the future generation in a way that allows them to come up with these solutions.

Review by Dorine Slot
Photography by http://victoriajacob.com

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