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By the TEDxAmsED Content Creators - Oct 22nd, 2017

Every day, all over the world,10 unique TED(x) events are being organized. So far over 100.000 TEDx talks have been published online. All of this has been made possible by volunteers who are passionate about sharing ideas worth spreading with the world.

Also here at TEDxAmsterdamED, we exist because of an enthusiastic group of people who spend their free time scouting potential speakers, aranging partnerships, building the community and much more. And we can promise, this is no time wasted.

"Working as director and producer for the TEDxAmsterdamEducation event, generates wonderful possibilities for me to expirement and to search for the perfect balance between form and content, theatre and education, entertainment and information. Such an opportunity, in such a large theatre, with such a great crew and an international format is for me, a chance in a lifetime." - Ton de Langen, director & producer

Being a volunteer with TEDx provides us with an one-of-a-kind experience in which we meet the most inspiring people. Not only the speakers, but also the partners and quests make us all look at life from a different perspective.

"TEDxAmsterdamED has been an incredible springboard for me. The experience and network I've gained the last two years as office manager and impact tracker has landed me multiple jobs. Being a part of such a passionate group of volunteers is, besides being a lot of fun, realy inspiring." - Laura Koenders, office manager & impact tracker

And not only do we broaden our network, we also gain a lot of hands-on experience in all kinds of field.

"This past year we organized a fantastic event, with a close team of great and highly motivated colleagues. Joining the TEDxED team made it possible to realize my career switch (moving from the field of television to the educational field). Due to my participation in TED, my interest in education grew strongly and I learned a lot about the current trends and developments in education, And even more, it got me a job in this field!" - Sophie Berger, speaker liaison

Thursday the 31st of May 2018 we're going to organise our 7th TEDxAmsterdamED event and we could use some help. At the moment we are looking for an assistant to the General manager and a marketing manager.

Are you, or do you know anyone who might be interested in joining our team? Send us a message at info@tedxamsterdamed.nl !

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