Dylan Hyman

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

What happens when Classrooms meet Higher Order Thinking

Dylan Hyman wants to inspire teachers and students to create their own world and practice the sort of thinking skills they will need to make their wildest dreams a reality. To achieve this, she incorporates activities that encourage higher-order thinking in the classroom and is a champion of bringing innovative “20% time” to schools. In this passionate and utterly convincing talk, Dylan helps us understand why asking kids questions like “what is the difference between a fishbowl and an apple tree?” can help them make better sense of the world around them. Dylan Hyman is a primary school teacher in Amsterdam’s new west district. Following a Master in Special Education Needs she began teaching a gifted students program in addition to her regular classroom teaching, and has since made it her mission to bring the skills learned in gifted education to all students. She is involved in various projects to encourage higher level thinking in schools and facilitates an online collaboration network of gifted education teachers in Amsterdam.

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