Graham Brown-Martin

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

Learning (Re)Imagined

Learning (Re)Imagined: How the connected society is transforming learning. Graham is a huge believer in the fact that education will only change by getting more people involved.In this engaging and witty talk packed with images and quotes, Graham discusses his research in Learning (Re)imagined and some of his key conclusions around transformation and learning that include context, environment, engagement, technology and the future. Graham Brown-Martin is the founder of Learning Without Frontiers (LWF), a global think tank that brought together renowned educators, technologists and creatives to share provocative and challenging ideas about the future of learning. He left LWF in 2013 to pursue new programs and ideas to transform the way we learn, teach and live. Graham spent 2 years researching, travelling, writing and editing video to create the transmedia work, Learning {Re}imagined published by Bloomsbury Academic, 2014.

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