Hanna Jochmann-Mannak

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

Finding the answer! A Better Internet for Kids

Today’s search engines don’t provide the tools our children need to get the best kind of experience they can from the internet. After years of research culminating in a PhD on how children search the internet, Hanna Jochmann-Mannak wants companies to provide children with relevant, reliable sources and comprehensible, age-specific content. In this engaging, research-driven talk, Hanna shares her dream of a better internet. In 2008, Hanna started her PhD research on children's (8-12 yrs) online information-seeking. She studied design conventions of websites for children and she studied the effects of different types of interfaces on children's search performance. She has been an advisor in online programs to the municipality of The Hague, and currently works at WizeNoze, an IT startup with a mission to make the online world more suitable for children.

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