Jaap Versfelt

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

Why Some Schools Become Great and Others Don't

According to Jaap, the education system needs a major remake: teachers must get more involved in the process of change, so that innovation can occur and schools improve. In this interesting, relevant, and conclusive talk, Jaap talks about how to transform an outdated education system and what the audience can do to help their own schools to move from good to great. Before starting the leerKRACHT foundation in 2012, Jaap worked 17 years for McKinsey & Company, of which the last few years as one of McKinsey-Amsterdam’s senior partners. Jaap quit McKinsey to lead leerKRACHT as a full-time volunteer, driven by 10 years of education stories – good and bad – from students and teachers in his family and circle of friends.

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