Karolina Stawinska

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Apr 27th, 2016

What if everyone was an astronaut?

‘What is your dream from the future?’ Often, the first and last time that a child is asked this fundamental question is very early in their education journey - by the ‘friendship book’ that many children in the Netherlands fill out while in primary school. But it is one of the most powerful questions a child can be asked to motivate them to unleash their inner potential. Inspired by a powerful story of an African girl striving for her dreams, and in the face of impossible hardship, achieving them, Karolina was motivated to cofound Our Future World. The organisation works worldwide to inspire children to strive for their dreams and instil hope for the future in their lives. And this is where teachers can play a crucial role - by helping children to uncover and visualise their goals, so that they can find their purpose, create something of value and live truly meaningful lives.

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