Lital Marom

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

Morse Code and the Future of Leadership

As we shift from a stable, linear economy to an innovative and dynamic one, we need a new definition of success, and a new approach to learning. Through examples of her own journey and her interesting, personal, and funny take on the business of hacking our world, Lital’s talk explains the idea behind a hacker mindset in developing new young leaders. Lital Marom is a digital visionary, entrepreneur and strategist leading a new approach to learning and social change. As the co-founder and CEO of Beyond, an innovative education and design studio, Lital explores the practice of leadership, self-organized learning, problem solving and design thinking. Her latest venture, The Academy of Tomorrow, is a leadership school that introduces youth to key aspects of leadership development and new ways of merging business practice, critical thinking and human centred design.

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