Sarah Woods

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

Identity: Where Fear and Change Intersect in Education

What is personal identity, and can it change over time? And what in the world does it have to do with classroom technology? In this personal, introspective, and ultimately triumphant talk, Sarah addresses how her own identity struggle has helped her to develop insight and gain a unique perspective on how to bridge the technology gap. A decade ago, Sarah Woods had long blond hair, but then she lost all of her hair over a two year period to Alopecia. She spent the next 8 years reevaluating her identity and learning how to embrace her new state as a bald woman. Sarah MYP digital design technology teacher in Amsterdam. Between 2010-2014, she was the IT director and high school technology integration coach at Pechersk School International in Kiev, Ukraine. She is a member of the ECIS Technology, Innovation, and Design Committee and both a Google Certified Teacher and Trainer. She’s also a single mother, yoga teacher, and frequent traveller.

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