Yoram Mosenzon

By Heleen Emanuel - Apr 1st, 2015

Vulnerable Honesty

In this funny, personal, and honest look at the way we as humans approach communication, Yoram Mosenzon teaches us the difference between true honesty, and what weoften think is honesty and try to hide. Important lessons we all stand to benefit from! By welcoming this type of communication we can create dialogue where we never thought it was possible, and resolve conflicts between arguing parties on a personal, organisational or international level. As a nonviolent-communication trainer, Yoram Mosenzon aims to connect people to form true collaborations. To do this, he believes that people must first understand the difference between two kinds of honesty: one which tends to create distance, conflict and misunderstanding, and the other which creates connection and genuine compassion. Yoram’s images were created by Tamar Harel, a graphic facilitator who uses illustrations and images to navigate through processes of transformational change, that support moving toward a sustainable world.

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