TEDxAmsED 2016 Act: Iris Penning

By Coraline Reeder - Apr 11th, 2016

"Welcome to the world of a professional detour thinker and observant." - Kindamuzik

Iris Penning is a young Dutch singer and songwriter. She was a finalist of the music contest De Grote Prijs van Nederland, performed in the music temple Paradiso Amsterdam and participated in the travelling music festival De Popronde. She has also recently shared the stage with renowned Dutch musician Spinvis.

It is poetic pop with which Iris Penning welcomes you in her 'personal brain pub'. Often cheerful, sometimes obscure, and above all with a focus on the lyrics - she is perhaps even more of a poet than a musician. Iris confesses her little secrets to the streets as the Stiekeme stoepkrijter (Secret Street Chalker). She also produces 'Live Album Art': minimalist music videos that use album art as a starting point.

A committed writer, Iris publishes a lyrical booklet with every record. She is also a member of the poet collective Wakkerlicht. Her latest album, Spreken met Suiker (Speaking with Sugar) was praised by, among others, pop magazine OOR.

You can find more information about Iris here.

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