TEDxAmsED 2016 Act: Ramana Magic

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Apr 7th, 2016

"Wonder is the seed of knowledge." - Plato

Ramana wants to remind you that we can all rise above ourselves and sometimes even help others to go beyond. Ramana was travelling in India, as an Anthropologist and Museologist, when he came across the Vazhakunnam School of Magic. He was intrigued by the things he saw there and immediately knew he had found his calling. He became an apprentice to the magician Madhu Suddhan and began to practice daily. Now, years later, he has become one of the Netherlands’ most famous magicians and makes numerous television appearances showcasing his magic and levitation talents.

From both an artistic and a magical perspective, the mysterious acts performed by Ramana are simply world class. It’s pure magic that really touches people and will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The Dutchman has been trained in the world’s longest-standing magical tradition by the legendary Jadugars (Indian magicians) as well as by two American grandmasters.

Dubbed the New Uri Geller, Ramana creates a world of wonder, which regularly makes him front-page news around the world. The meeting of West (in the form of YouTube) and East (Indian magic) has lead to a rapid spread of his reputation among millions of Internet users across the globe. Word of his accomplishments has also reached India, where he received India’s Golden Cloth Award, the highest Indian cultural honor to be ever bestowed on a Westerner.

In his brief yet meteoric career, Ramana has performed for a wide variety of audiences - from the Dutch Queen Beatrix, to American TV audiences watching CNN and NBC newscasts, unsuspecting passers-by in city streets as well as visitors to prominent restaurants and night clubs. What has helped put him on the map in the US was a much-talked-about demonstration of Indian levitation in front of the White House.

During his Indian magic and mentalism act, he will have you mesmerized, while also telling you about his experience of lifelong learning within the field of magic and how this lead him to win the Next Uri Geller show by making his neighbour, Nando, levitate. Ramana gives special thanks to everyone who helped him grow and improve himself, in the process helping him to achieve his dreams.

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