TEDxAmsterdamED on the Amsterdam Mamas Podcast

By Kathy Jastrzebski - Apr 15th, 2016

TEDxAmsterdamED’s Jessika Lynch and 2015 speaker Dylan Hyman shaking up education on the Amsterdam Mamas Podcast

TEDxAmsterdamED has made a notable appearance on the Amsterdam Mamas education-focused podcast series with the founder and curator, Jessika Lynch, as well as 2015 speaker, Dylan Hyman, appearing on the freshly-released episode #13.

Beginning with her personal motivation for starting TEDxAmsterdamED in 2012, Jessika outlines the evolution of the event’s vision on education and learning.

‘We’re sketching a new vision and being part of that with TEDx...of how learning as a continuum throughout a lifetime could actually look. So we’ve moved the passion into lifelong learning and not just education itself.’

She expands on this year’s lifelong learning theme - the fact that literally everyone is #borntolearn - and discusses some of the highlights of the program on April 20th.

Despite a broadening of the event’s theme, one aspect remains a steadfast - the need to stimulate positive innovation in education. Encouragingly, it is clear that a lot of innovation is happening as we speak in the education/learning sector. This was clearly seen by the huge number of applications received for the first ever TEDxAmsterdamED Award for education and learning initiatives.

One particularly innovative project gaining momentum right now is that of past TEDxAmsterdamED speaker, Dylan Hyman. Speaking about higher-order thinking in 2015, Dylan has since been successful in establishing a new school based around this concept in Amsterdam’s Nieuw West, called Spring High, due to open in the fall of 2016.

‘I see children that at a very young age are being told that there are certain things that they will never achieve, that things are not for them, and I think that that is wrong. It’s incorrect information because you really cannot say where a child is going to be in several years and as they say sometimes the slowest growing tree will eventually be highest tree out of all of them.’

Her personal story, drive and passion to improve education for all children is remarkable and we are extremely pleased that she has been able to not simply maintain, but gather, momentum after her talk to make this project come into fruition.

To get more insight into the TEDxAmsterdamED program this year you can also read Jessika’s blog on the topic HERE

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