The finishing touches to TEDxAmsterdamED

By Mirjam van den Berg - Mar 25th, 2015

Just hours before the third edition begins, the TEDxAmsterdamED team and all the speakers are working hard to give you a phenomenal performance. The sound is checked, the bright lights are working. All slides are now in the right order and not backwards, thank goodness. That’s what rehearsals are for.

Trainers Joni, Leander and Julika from Great Communicators are giving some last tips to the speakers. Strange things can happen when you’re suddenly standing on that red spot. Wobbly knees, excitement and laughter in the stands. Blinded vision, not only by the intense lights. Even changing outfits - apparently there are also 50 shades of red.


Surprising objects will enter the stage, among them, a meaningful jackal and a giraffe hand puppet. Want to know what that has to do with education? Watch our great speakers at TEDxAmsterdamED in real time by logging on to Not only will you hear ideas worth spreading for the education of tomorrow, you’ll see some wonderful artists perform on the stage as well.


Some of the speakers not only specialise in delivering great talks, but can even deliver babies! A true story from Graham Brown-Martin, who stepped in to deliver his child when the midwife got lost on her way. It seems that they’re all set and ready to do just about anything. So let’s deliver a great TEDxAmsterdamED too!

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