Theme fifth edition of TEDxAmsterdamED announced!

By the TEDxAmsED Content Creators - Jan 24th, 2017

Times of great change and shift require collaboration and collective brainpower. What can we learn from other sectors besides education?

Scientists are discovering new ways our brains learn and record information; how can we apply that knowledge in the classroom? What can architects teach us about the perfect learning environment? In the next edition of TEDxAmsterdamED, we will look at the latest technologies, trends and outside influences that affect, or could potentially affect, education.

Established systems often lead to limitations in thinking, with the risk that you stop looking for alternative solutions. Together with experts from different sectors, from the festival industry, to science, businesses and media, we want to approach the educational system with a fresh look. To find solutions to the challenges of our time, it is sometimes desirable to take a step back and view the system as a spectator, from an outside perspective.

Stay tuned!

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