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2016: Born to Learn

Event and Interactive Program Impressions

By the TEDxAmsED Content Creators - Jun 28th, 2017

I only decided to join the TEDxAmsterdamED team as a blogging partner on the evening before the event on the 31st of May, a spontaneous choice that my friend Jessika Lynch made possible. This was certainly the first event for Quirk Heaven and looking at the program I immediately saw a connection - the state of the education nowadays seen from the different perspectives of the speakers. The location was also a first for me, I was curious about Theater Amsterdam ever since I was working in the Houthaven area and I saw it raising up from it’s first brick. But seeing it from the outside is nothing compared to what it looks like from within.

TEDxAmsterdamED 2016 – Overall impressions of an inspiring day

By Alvaro de Salvo - Apr 29th, 2016

What do 600 people in the audience, 75+ volunteers, twelve keynote speakers, several performing artists and workshop hosts have in common? They were all present at the fourth edition of the TEDxAmsterdamED event, with the unique opportunity to create a full day environment to rethink education. The main topic of this year’s edition was #BorntoLearn and lifelong learning.

Yong Zhao - Every Child is a Rudolph

By Mirjam van den Berg - Mar 29th, 2015

Professor Yong Zhao currently serves as the Presidential Chair and Director of the Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education at the University of Oregon. He has published over a hundred articles and written twenty books. His work focuses on the implications of globalisation and technology on education. He has founded research and development institutions to explore innovative education models and travels the world to spread his vision. Zhao is convinced that teachers need to focus on developing children's strengths, instead of ‘fixing their deficiencies’ and strongly believes that we need a new education paradigm in this globalised world.

Learning {Re}imagined

By Nick Walker - Mar 27th, 2015

A conversation with Graham Brown-Martin wanders freely from Punk music via Noam Chomsky to the fragile future of the human species, but it finishes where it started, with education. It is the 26th of March 2015 and we are at TEDxAmsterdamED, a few hours before Graham’s TED talk. 

Lainie Liberti & Miro Siegel

Unschooling: making the world our classroom

This mother and son duo show what learning and education can be outside of the classroom. When Lainie and Miro started their journey in 2009, it was initially to be a year-long trip. But soon they discovered that the world could be an incredibly stimulating classroom and in the process became ‘worldschoolers’. Embracing their inner spontaneity and a ‘yes’ approach to life, they’ve both had a very educational journey till now, learning through their experiences and digging deeper when their interests were sparked. In the process, they cofounded Project World School, creating a supportive community of self-directed learners and offering immersive-learning opportunities all over the world.

Roshan Paul

How Do You Learn How to Change the World

Roshan has spent his life and career supporting change makers. He believes adult learning is meant to help people acquire the skills they need to find, prepare for and fulfil their purpose. He says that having a purpose is not easy, it is challenging, as it is close to your heart. According to Roshan, purpose is not just about the self, it lies in making a difference in the lives of others. "From inner understanding comes outward purpose." It is difficult to make a difference in the world, as the world does not want to change! This is why we need to train for this, and put in long hours and a lot of effort. Roshan's Amani Institute is geared toward making meaning and impact happen for the students that attend it and with them, change the world.

Christine Wank

The 3 C's for true innovation

Christine comes to TEDxAmsterdamED from Berlin. She works as a leadership coach and change facilitator across the world. In working with leaders and innovators she has discovered the three C's for staying open and connected to possibilities: Curiosity: constantly asking what the next question is. Compassion: the capacity to connect to yourself and others. Courage: the capacity to face the challenges in life, to find one's meaning and purpose. Christine feels that we need mentors, teachers and leaders, to help us find our inner values and our three C's and make transformations happen.