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2016: Born to Learn

TEDxAmsterdamED 2016 – Overall impressions of an inspiring day

By Alvaro de Salvo - Apr 29th, 2016

What do 600 people in the audience, 75+ volunteers, twelve keynote speakers, several performing artists and workshop hosts have in common? They were all present at the fourth edition of the TEDxAmsterdamED event, with the unique opportunity to create a full day environment to rethink education. The main topic of this year’s edition was #BorntoLearn and lifelong learning.

Interview with Chris Sigaloff - Crowdsourcing education: creating room for the unusual suspects

By Coraline Reeder - Mar 22nd, 2016

Chris Sigaloff is director at Kennisland, a think tank geared towards promoting social innovation. Besides exploring new themes, developing new methods and interventions, she advises governments and organisations on matters concerning innovation strategies, social innovation and policymaking. She also gives presentations on these subjects in the Netherlands and abroad. Aside from her activities at Kennisland, she is a board member of the Kafka Brigade and the Kriterion Foundation as well as a member of the international network SIX (Social Innovation Exchange). Chris is one of the speakers on the 20th of April so we asked her a few questions.

Award Pitch: Michel Visser

Learn from your neighbors

With his innovative website, Konnektid.com, the founder Michel Visser wants to transform neighbourhoods into universities. Around four years ago, Michel was inspired to think of a way to connect those who wanted to learn with others who wanted to teach, all in their immediate environments. ‘Learning starts after university’ and Konnektid.com helps you tap into the knowledge around you, making a real impact in people’s lives.

TEDxAmsterdamED 2016 Award Ceremony

The call for applications for the first annual TEDxAmsterdamED Award was answered by over 90 applicants! From these, 15 were invited to join the Award Pitch day on April 1st, where they first received further training to improve their pitches and then presented them to a panel of judges. From this incredible bunch, three ideas were chosen to present at the main event on April 20th - Daniel Haven from ProctorExam, Nathalie Lecina from Studio Moio and Michel Visser from Konnektid.com. The Award Ceremony was hosted by Drew Wackerling and the winner chosen by an online vote from the audience, watching live or via the livestream. Nathalie Lecina, engaging demotivated students and drop-outs to come up with innovative solutions to social problems, was this year’s winner! She garnered support for Studio Moio from both the audience on the day, and TEDxAmsterdamED partners thereafter, to help her develop and grow the program further. Congratulations Nathalie!

Award Pitch: Daniel Haven

Flexible Exams

What drives Daniel Haven is making online education fully flexible and available to everyone around the world. The problem is, that to get accreditation a lot of institutions still require online students to physically attend an exam. To solve this problem, Daniel founded ProctorExam, a digitalised platform that allows online students to also do a fully accredited exam online - bringing online education full cycle.

Chris Sigaloff

Crowdsourcing education creating room for the unusual suspects

Chris is director at Kennisland. She talks about her journey in guiding people to start new schools. Innovation is at the heart of her story, and her life. Along with the city of Amsterdam, Kennisland facilitated the Amsterdam Education Challenge, aimed at finding and founding innovative school projects. The response was overwhelming and the 175 ideas on the website, the 124 people responding to submit a plan and the 30.000 people who cast their votes on the website show that education is in her words: “hot”. Four new schools have now started on the basis of this process.