Extra tickets: secure a ticket while you can!

By Arlan de With - Oct 16th, 2018

A record number of tickets have been sold this year. We have made extra tickets to the event. If you have not been able to secure a ticket yet, make sure to do it quickly.

In addition to the extra regular tickets we created Afternoon tickets, especially for teachers who have to work in the morning. This ticket will only cost 35 euro's. Entrance is from 14:30h for this ticket. At 15.00h Block 3 starts with speakers, the Award finale will be soon after and to end the day we have time for discussions and drinks. Check the programme here

31 October: Dutch DNA-based Education

By the TEDxAmsED Content Creators - May 6th, 2018

The Dutch, on average, don’t care much for hierarchy. We are entrepreneurial, headstrong, creative individuals and have a long history of bottom-up empowerment. At the same time we have learned how to cooperate efficiently. These typically Dutch characteristics, that we call Dutch DNA, are hindered by the by the way our educational system is organised.

Catching up with: Cha-Hsuan Liu

By Laura Koenders - Mar 15th, 2018

Dr. Cha-Hsuan Liu is a university lecturer at the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University. Currently, she teaches Youth Study, Multicultural society and Health in society. She spent the first half of her life in the East and the second half in the West, and now she wants to inspire an education that mixes the best of both worlds.

Onderwijs van Onderen

By the TEDxAmsED Content Creators - Dec 18th, 2017

Het eerste School Event van 2018 wordt georganiseerd door het Berlage Lyceum op vrijdag 12 januari!

De filosofie klas van 5 VWO geeft met hun boek 'Onderwijs van onderen' een reactie op het rapport ' Ons onderwijs 2032'. Naast TED-like talks van de auteurs zelf zal er een panel plaatsvinden met onder ander Paul Rosenmöller, Peter Kwint, Johannes Visser en Jente Koopmans.

Catching up with: Anthony Heidweiller

By Laura Koenders - Nov 5th, 2017

Anthony Heidweiller, a baritone, opera maker, creator, inspirer and promoter of innovative opera concepts, is a man with a mission: he wants to improve the world through art. Like no one before him, he bridges the gap between generations, and makes opera relevant for all​. Anthony explained on our stage this year why sharing your own personal story is so important to make a connection with your audience.

Watch Anthony's talk here.

Previous Talks

Kleine Mo

How a Little Man Can Change the World

"I thought all Moroccans grew up to be criminals," little Mohammed said when he was ten. Little of stature and big of mind, this boy challenged himself to find out whether there is a future for Moroccans in the Netherlands. He started a search for successful Dutch Moroccans with a viral video that garnered over one million views. He interviewed rapper and producer Ali B, Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and TV reporter Mustafa Marghadi. Together with Mo and some students, Robin van Duin produced a documentary about Mohammed's journey, which will be shown at the upcoming CineKid film festival. Noted documentary maker Frans Bromet has advised the makers during the process. The resulting film is a true story about how a young boy can make a big difference.

Jelle Jolles

The Teenage Brain: guide or inspire?

Jelle Jolles, a neuropsychologist with the Centre for Brain and Learning and author of 'The Adolescent Brain. He speaks about the teenager as "work in progress" and shows how the development of the brain and cognitive abilities are dependent on the active support of teachers and parents.

Iliass El Hadioui

Equality in a super diverse class

Iliass El Hadioui, professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, studies the relationship between street and school culture. Thereby distinguishing feminine from masculine values. In this talk he will share the most important insights from his research on social exclusion of youngsters from various ethnic backgrounds.