Future Proof Education
Focus: Entrepreneurship

In 2018, TEDxAmsterdamED introduced the concept of Dutch DNA-based education. A concept with which we want to stimulate educational designs that match our Dutch core strengths. In the four upcoming years we continue the process by putting emphasis on four specific areas that need special attention in education.

These are:


While all four strengths will be addressed every year, one of the strengths will be in main focus. This year (2020), focus will be on entrepreneurship.
Our goal is twofold. We want the education system to empower students and motivate them in a way that is aligned with their needs, ambitions and prospects. At the same time, we want to equip them with tools that will enable them to make social impact and a positive change, both in their lives and in the world. Entrepreneurship in education is one of the keys to achieve these goals and is therefore the focus point of 2020.
By investing in entrepreneurship, we invest in a future and foundation that will allow young individuals to make social impact in form of significant and positive shifts in society.

Goals and vision 

Together with a variety of different organizations, TEDxAmsterdamED will be working towards accelerating innovation in education. Not only by spreading inspirational ideas but maybe most importantly, by activation and practical implementation. By addressing and empowering the previously mentioned qualities over the upcoming years, we will strive towards the following goals:

Student motivation 

Increased student motivation. This by using Future Proof  Education and implementing new ways of teaching


Making education a breeding ground for entrepreneurial attitudes


Making sustainability and the importance of working towards a better world of higher importance in education

Bridging gaps

Making important steps towards bridging the gap between education and industry

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