Brain Trust 2017

Annemies Broekgaarden

Head of Public and Education at The Rijksmuseum

Learning is living, living is learning

Nathalie Lecina

Founder Studio Moio & Winner TEDxAmsterdamED Award 2016

The question is not why is there so much resistance, the question is how will it fuel us. (Volkan)

Renske Valk

Hoofdredacteur Onderwijsvakblad Van Twaalf tot Achttien

Humor en geduld zijn de kamelen waarmee je door alle woestijnen kunt gaan.

Feikje Dunnewijk

Head of Craftsmanship & Way Of Working ING Nederland

Follow your heart, it will show you the way

Rens Koole


The best present you could give someone is that the other is valuable to you. The best present you can receive is to be of value for someone else.

Ronald Kouvelt

Co-founder StuComm

Listen, take the best and leave the rest.

Laurens van Vliet

Projectleader NL2025

Don't get frustrated, just keep wondering why

Jan Zoet

Directeur Academie voor Theater en Dans

Push gently, but continously

Lech Bakhuizen van den Brink

President Kairos Society The Netherlands

Play is not the opposite of work, it's the engine

Ruben Timmerman

Founder & Learning Evangelist at Springest

My purpose is to let everyone use their full potential

Viktor Bos

Business Connector Jobs of the Future at Amsterdam Economic Board

As long as your hair looks fine