2017: From an Outside Perspective

Frank de Wit

Frank de Wit is father of four young kids and a designer that ran into a software development method at work that optimizes workflow, focuses on the outcome and creates happy workers. His talk will focus on the learnings he and his wife had while using this method called scrum at home and thereby empowering their kids.

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes is the founder of AKKA Architects, which specializes in designing buildings that evoke creativity, cooperation and learning in their users. Her Talk will focus on her ideas about the perfect environment for learning and how small changes in the design of a building can have a great impact.

Liam Tjoa & Tim van der Wiel

Two of the Netherlands' youngest entrepreneurs, Liam Tjoa and Tim van der Wiel, have founded successful business 'GoSpooky. They advice large corporations on how to effectively use Snapchat in their marketing campaigns and strategies. In their talk, they speak about the skills they where never taught in school, but are necessary in business.

Rolf Winters

Rolf Winters, maker of the successful documentary, Down to Earth, spent eight years travelling the globe with his wife and children, searching for insights. His Talk will focus on the lessons he and his family learned during their trip and whether he found a new perspective on life.

Ilias El Hadioui

Ilias El Hadioui, professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, studied the relationship between street and school culture. Thereby distinguishing feminine from masculine values. During his Talk he will share with the audience the most important insights from his research on social exclusion of youngsters from various ethnic backgrounds.

Jelle Jolles

Jelle Jolles, a neuropsychologist with the Centre for Brain and Learning and author of 'The Adolescent Brain. He speaks about the teenager as "work in progress" and shows how the development of the brain and cognitive abilities are dependent on the active support of teachers and parents.