2017: From an Outside Perspective

ACT: Dario Fo Choir

Dario Fo Theaterkoor is a youth choir from the Netherlands which distinguishes itself by it's diversity and theatrical approach. The choir has done a lot of music-theatre productions, such as Weill's Dreigroschenoper, Puccini's Turandot, Xenakis' Oresteia and Leigh's Man of la Mancha. They often coöperate with both national and international professionals, like Dutch National Opera Academy, Kyteman, Asko|Schönberg, These New Puritans and Gwilym Simcock. On Allegro Mosso the choir will sing pieces from a range of their latest projects: from Italian to Icelandic, from classical to hiphop, from solo to eight-part songs. Come, see and listen!


Urland, often styled URLAND, is a metamodernistic, performance collective based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was founded in 2010 at the theatre academy of Maastricht.

URLAND has created physical and visual performances including De Gabber Opera (2010), De Oktobertragödie (2011), and Kwartet, een Powerballad (2013). They have performed in the Netherlands and abroad, in theatres and clubs like Lowlands. The group, currently all in their twenties, bases its performances on techno music and death metal themes, as well as by epic stories and world literature.

Since 2013 the group is connected to the Productiehuis Rotterdam for a perennial plan[clarification needed] and is part of Theater Rotterdam where they created De Internet Trilogie, a series which questions the rise, expansion and limitless promise of the internet, with a comparison to the Prometheia of Aeschylus.


Ø K A P Í is een DJ-collectief in de breedste zin van het woord… Ø K A P Í staat achter én voor de draaitafels. Of het nou is om iemand volledig onder te klatten met glitters of toch even snel dat ene meisje in de hoek te laten shinen op de dansvloer, Ø K A P Í draait zich nergens voor om.

Fantastiche disco, dampende afrikaanse beats en klassieke hiphop. Alles komt voorbij.

Haal je Ø K A P Í in huis, maak dan je borst maar nat. Of trek je dansschoenen aan. Of allebei.

Minka Bos

Meeting is the new form of learning

"Meeting is the new form of learning. Not the story from a book, but through sharing and passing on the authentic personal history from elders to youngsters, and teaching the child to become the new storyteller."

‘War in my neighbourhood’ organises meetings between primary school pupils and local older people, to give the students a taste of the living history of their area. Students are taught how to interview their ‘neighbour’, go tot heir home to have a meeting and finally present their findings. This program has so far educated over 2000 children, giving them a local, personal look into often too-big-to-comprehend historical events.

Beerend Hierck

Mixed reality in higher education

"EDtech innovation team from Leiden University develops first interactive mixed reality HoloLens application for medical education to investigate anatomy with your own body movements."

A team of experts from the University of Leiden and the Leiden UMC has added a new feature to the Microsoft HoloLens, which enables the medical holograms in the app to move with the human body. This enables a real-time, three-dimensional model for students to learn from, using their own bodies as learning tools. This immersive way of learning through Mixed Reality is a gamechanger in higher education, and has many more possible applications which are still being developed daily.

Rudayna Abdo

“Education is the only thing you can take with you” – Educating refugee children using e-learning

"Young refugees lose their childhood and, with an interrupted
education, their future. Through Thaki, we help give young refugees back hope by providing them
with e-learning tools on donated computers through a model of collaboration."

A daughter of refugees herself, Rudayne has founded the Thaki (Arabic for smart) Foundation with the aim of helping the many displaced children continue their education. The foundation does so by providing “gently used computers”, loading them with links to self-paced educational content, and getting them to young refugees with limited educational resouces. So far, the foundation has reached over 4000 children.

Thijs Homan

Professor in Implementation and Change Management Thijs Homan has been focused on this question for many years: "What really happens when organisations change and develop?" In addition, he approaches conventional organisation and management theory formation critically. In his work, Thijs particularly looks at the 'lived experience' of people to understand (changing) organisations. At TEDxAmsterdamED he will share the key insights needed for smooth transformation within (school) organisations.

Kleine Mo

"I thought all Moroccans grew up to be criminals," little Mohammed said when he was ten. Little of stature and big of mind, this boy challenged himself to find out whether there is a future for Moroccans in the Netherlands. He started a search for successful Dutch Moroccans with a viral video that garnered over one million views. Touched by his search, thousands of successful Dutch Moroccans responded, and Mo took to the road to learn what they had to say, thus developing his own learning path towards the future. He interviewed rapper and producer Ali B, Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and TV reporter Mustafa Marghadi.

Together with Mo and some students, Robin van Duin produced a documentary about Mohammed's journey, which will be shown at the upcoming CineKid film festival. Noted documentary maker Frans Bromet has advised the makers during the process. The resulting film is a true story about how a young boy can make a big difference.

Niels Huismans

Niels Huismans is an young strategic thinker fascinated by the way people act and learn. He is a business developer, an entrepeneur and a counceler of a city council. He developed a concept which represents the next stage of Life Long Learning. It combines learning in the outside world with the learning in the ‘inside’ education system, formal with informal learning.

View or download the document Niels created to support his talk here

Anthony Heidweiller

Anthony Heidweiller, a baritone, operamaker, creator, inspirer and promoter of innovative opera concepts, is a man with a mission: he wants to improve the world through art.
Like no one else, he succeeds in making opera relevant and bridging gaps between generations. Concepts such as participation and community arts are central to much of his work. In 2001, he set up a Youth Opera Festival (YO! Opera) to introduce opera to young people. In 2006, his Yo! Opera community arts project, Opera on the Bus, won an award for ‘the most innovative event’. In 2008, Yo! Opera was awarded the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds prize for art education. In 2011, Heidweiller received the Culture Award of the Municipality of Utrecht.

Since 2012, he has been artistic director of the Operamakers Foundation, as well as being affiliated with institutions such as the Dutch National Opera ( Opera Forward Festival), the Festival of Flanders ( 2014, 1000 Voices for Peace) and RUHR 2010 ( Sing Day of Song 2012, 2014). The aim of Operamakers is to connect groups of people through singing. The common years he will be connected with Festival Aix en Provence and education projects in Holland; Vocal Statements.

Cha-Hsuan Liu (劉家瑄)

Dr. Cha-Hsuan Liu is a university lecturer at the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University. Currently she teaches Youth Study, Multicultural society and Health in society. Her work focuses not only on Diversity sensitivity and Health but also on other interdisciplinary studies, such as Education and Innovation Sciences. She has several articles, book chapters and books published, including a series journal papers in Chinese language about Dutch Education System. Dutch newspapers, NRC, published a column article in 2017 discussing the high education performance among Asian migrants based on an interview with her and a collection of stories of Asian migrants in the Netherlands.

Frank de Wit

Frank de Wit is father of four young kids and a designer that ran into a software development method at work that optimizes workflow, focuses on the outcome and creates happy workers. His talk will focus on the learnings he and his wife had while using this method called scrum at home and thereby empowering their kids.

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes is the founder of AKKA Architects, which specializes in designing buildings that evoke creativity, cooperation and learning in their users. Her Talk will focus on her ideas about the perfect environment for learning and how small changes in the design of a building can have a great impact.

Liam Tjoa & Tim van der Wiel

Two of the Netherlands' youngest entrepreneurs, Liam Tjoa and Tim van der Wiel, have founded successful business 'GoSpooky. They advice large corporations on how to effectively use Snapchat in their marketing campaigns and strategies. In their talk, they speak about the skills they where never taught in school, but are necessary in business.

Rolf Winters

Rolf Winters, maker of the successful documentary, Down to Earth, spent eight years travelling the globe with his wife and children, searching for insights. His Talk will focus on the lessons he and his family learned during their trip and whether he found a new perspective on life.

Iliass El Hadioui

Iliass El Hadioui, professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, studied the relationship between street and school culture. Thereby distinguishing feminine from masculine values. During his Talk he will share with the audience the most important insights from his research on social exclusion of youngsters from various ethnic backgrounds.

Jelle Jolles

Jelle Jolles, a neuropsychologist with the Centre for Brain and Learning and author of 'The Adolescent Brain. He speaks about the teenager as "work in progress" and shows how the development of the brain and cognitive abilities are dependent on the active support of teachers and parents.