Category: 2018 TEDxTalk: Dutch DNA-Based Education

Jan Rotmans

Next Society, Next Economy, Next Education Jan Rotmans is professor in transition studies, but also goes by the title of ‘scientivist’. At TEDxAmsterdamED he elaborates on why hierarchy in our society and educational system prevents us from moving forward. A transitional shift is important to our DNA. We are the system and we’re changing it.…
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Marcia Goddard

Teach like a toddler: how to bring education in the 21st century Marcia Goddard is a neuroscientist with a growth mindset and great thoughts about child development. Every child has multiple talents as long as you create conditions for growth. We should design education to enable this. How do we do that? Focus on the…
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Sjef Drummen

– The 10 commandments of 21st century learning Sjef Drummen is an educational artist and thought leader of the national and international eye-catching ‘not-a-school school’ Agora. He proves that giving confidence, freedom and structure stimulates eagerness to learn. During his talk at TEDxAmsterdamED he touches upon 10 commandments of 21st century learning.

Susanne Baars

– Do schools kill our Dutch DNA? Susanne Baars is a true entrepreneur, exponential tech innovator and genetic expert with a great spirit, thrust and energy. She will scientifically substantiate a daring statement: An educational system that demotivates students has a negative effect on structure of ‘Dutch DNA’. As a consequence entrepreneurship, creativity, flexibility etc. is…
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Emma Stoks

Why being smart doesn’t help you find God Emma Stoks graduated as a perfect student from high school in 2017 and decided not to go to college. She is committed to help schools redesign their learning programs and spreading her ideals about better education with everyone. The future needs independent people who can anticipate.