Category: 2015 TEDxTalk: The Education (r)evolution

Dylan Hyman

What happens when Classrooms meet Higher Order Thinking  Dylan Hyman wants to inspire teachers and students to create their own world and practice the sort of thinking skills they will need to make their wildest dreams a reality. To achieve this, she incorporates activities that encourage higher-order thinking in the classroom and is a champion…
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Lital Marom

Morse Code and the Future of Leadership As we shift from a stable, linear economy to an innovative and dynamic one, we need a new definition of success, and a new approach to learning. Through examples of her own journey and her interesting, personal, and funny take on the business of hacking our world, Lital’s…
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Lodewijk Asscher

Dutch Policy and the Future of Education in the Netherlands  Lodewijk is a prominent member of the Dutch Labor Party, and is currently Alderman of the Amsterdam Municipal Council. Lodewijk will talk about education policy in the Netherlands, the way forward for the future, and the need for more parent involvement in education.

Melanie Burnett

Make Your Dreams Come True One poignant question posed by a stranger changed Melanie’s troubled life: ‘Where will you be in five years?’ That single question drove her to make a future for herself and made her realize that education was her only way to pursue her dreams.