Category: 2015 TEDxTalk: The Education (r)evolution

Stan Putman

From Education to TEDucation Stan Putman is a self-proclaimed education expert and our youngest speaker, and has spent more than half of his life inside school buildings. Stan’s talk will focus on his background in education and on what went wrong during six years of high school. In his view, errors occur mostly in the…
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Andrew Niemeijer

Striving for excellence in education


TEDxAmsterdamED 2015 Opening  The founders and members of Classick aim to get an important message across – that we should not focus on our differences, but rather our similarities. They energise this message by the means of music, as after all, music is colour blind. A vocalist and a rapper will perform a piece titled…
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Yong Zhao

Every Child is a Rudolph Yong Zhao believes that we all have a little bit of Rudolph in us – shiny red noses that set us apart and need to be developed. In this funny, entertaining, and poignant talk, Dr. Zhao explains the reasons teachers need to focus on developing children’s strengths instead of trying…
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Jaap Versfelt

Why Some Schools Become Great and Others Don’t According to Jaap, the education system needs a major remake: teachers must get more involved in the process of change, so that innovation can occur and schools improve. In this interesting, relevant, and conclusive talk, Jaap talks about how to transform an outdated education system and what…
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